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Navigating the process of legal immigration can be complex

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A founding-partner at Vista Legal, PLLC, Stephen has substantial experience practicing immigration law before administrative agencies, immigration courts, and federal courts.

Stephen is qualified to handle even the most complex immigration cases.

Mission Statement – Vista Legal​

Vista Legal was founded for the following purposes:

  • to provide quality, immigration legal services to those in need of such services
  • to form a business that promotes unity amongst all people, including keeping families together
  • to help persons seeking lawful immigration status in the United States obtain it
  • to guide those seeking accurate, legal advice on U.S. immigration law topics
  • to protect the legal rights, privileges, and benefits afforded to individuals under the immigration laws of the United States


Tel.: (305) 777-3897
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6625 Miami Lakes Dr. E, Suite 214
Miami Lakes, FL, 33014